Service Products

As a service to our clients, we can offer products outside of our normal product-range. The articles below are samples of products which we sell and supply today. These products, are however, no stock-commodity at the Bronze Bearing Company, and they are usually produced against order or put into our stock on request against call-off orders.



Wrapped triple-layer bushings with PEEK plastic-inner layer for high load capacity

Three layers / pre-lubricated type
Steel layer as outer layer (copper-coated against corrosion)
Sintered layer (multiporous) as middle layer
PEEK plastic layer (pre-lubr.surface) as inner layer (with protection film between inner/middle layer)

Mechanical data
Specific load:180 N/mm2
Temperature range: -150° C t.o.m. +260° C
Friction coefficient: 0,03 – 0,06
Inner layer – thickness: 0,3 – 0,5 mm
Speed limit: 10,0 m/sek.

Tolerances (rec.)
Shaft: h8
Housing: H7


A special bearing for corrosive enviroment.
Three layers (wrapped bearing)

Stainless steel-layer
Sinter-layer (middle layer)
Special PTFE-blend (inner layer) anti-corrosive
Especially suited for corrosive enviroment and food industry. Low friction, high load, seawater-resistant etc.

Load capacity – 150 N/mm 2
Speed limit – 1,5 m/s

For use in e.g. alkali, pharmaceutic, marine and food-industry etc.
Can be delivered as plain bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers and sliding plates.


A special bearing for temperatures above normal.
Three layers (wrapped bearing)

Bronze-layer (anti-corrosive)
Sinter-layer (middle layer)
Special PTFE-blend (inner layer) heat resistant
Selflubricating, low friction, low vibrations.
Temperature range from -195ºC ~ + 300ºC
Load capacity – 140 N/mm 2
Speed limit – 5 m/s

For use in metallurgical-, foundry- and cement-industry. BB-LMB is of high-safety factor with it´s heat resisting.
Can be delivered as plain and flanged bearings.


A special bearing for gear oil pumps .
Three layers (wrapped bearing)

Bronze-layer (tin-covered, against corrosion)
Sinter-layer (middle layer)
Special PTFE-blend (inner layer) for high PV-values .
The best bearing on the market for gear pumps, plunger-pumps and vane pumps and so on.
Load capacity – 140 N/mm2
Speed limit – 10,0 m/s

To be used in hydrodynamic or bondary lubricating condition of medium or high pressure gear oil pumps such as p=16-25 Mpa, V=3,5-5,0 m/s.


A special bearing for reciprocating motions (back and forth-motions) Three layers (wrapped bearing)

Bronze-layer (tin-covered, against corrosion)
Sinter-layer (middle layer)
Special PTFE-blend (inner layer) with extra lubric.
Efficient even under sudden break-off of the lubrication.
Load capacity – 140 N/mm 2
Speed limit – 2,5 m/s

For use in automotive industry (damping,vibrating absorber), motorcycles and various hydraulic cylinders and motors, and pneumatic elements etc.
Can be delivered as plain and flanged bearings.


Selflubricating doublelayer sliding elements for high temperatures.

DB – LMB sliding-elements

Double layer material. Selflubricating heat resistant-parts of Bimet-type, for heavy loads/slow rotating or pendular movements.

·   Outer surface – Bronze, steel or stainless steel

·   Sliding-surface – Different variations of sintered bronzes or ferrobronzes with built-in-graphite.

Slidebushings, Slidingplates Thrustwashers  Halfbushings, segments
Items produced acc .to drawing
Well suited for corrosive and/or dirty environments, heavy loads, working environment with medium to high temperatures and in applications where it is difficult to reach with lubrication.

Tolerances (rec.)
Bushing Od: t6/u6
Bushing Id: H8/H9 after mounting
Axis/shaft: d7
Housing: H7

FZ Ballretainer
Multimovement-bearing with low friction and high load-capacity. Is used e.g. as parts in press-tools and molds for precision-casting, to achieve maximum precision.The cages contains a large number of rolls, that carries mid- to high-loads and is used for both axial and radial loads and movements.Load capacity 30/Nmm²
Friction coefficient 0.01~0.08
Speed limit 6 m/s
Shrink fit 0.01 ~ 0.02mm
Concentricity <0.002mm

Spherical plain bearings and spherical guide bushings

We can offer the regular standard-series (GE-) of the market. With high quality and to good pricing.

Also special sizes and alternative materials can be offered.

Strips products

We can offer strips, bushings and drawing-items in different PTFE-alloys. E.g. pure PTFE or PTFE/bronze-mesh etc.

Areas of use is e.g. as absorbing material of vibrations in the automotive industry and in the slideway of machine tools etc.

Cast goods

We can offer sand-, die- or press-cast parts in small and larger series. Bronze-, brass- and steel-alloys can be offered.

Needle bearings and roller bearings

We can offer market standard bearings to good pricing and also acc. to drawing and/or clients demand. Standard-program available from stock.

Sintered special products

Sintered drawing items

Plastic (composite) bushings

We can offer material or machined bushings in PEEK, POM, PTFE, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6G, PA MO, PA 12, PA 6GF 30, PMMA, PET, PP etc.

Hardened steel bushings

Upon request we are also able to offer all sorts of hardened steel-bushings in a variety of alloys. Thinwalled- and thickwalled bushings as well as hardened parts made acc. to drawing.