WF 750

WF 750

Self lubricating bearings with built in graphite pellets.

– Maintenance-free (self-lubricating)
– Suitable for heavy load applications
– Withstands extreme temperatures
– Long life span

Areas of use
Hardware and steel fabrication, stamping
dies, tooling components for the
automotive industry, sheet pressing etc.

Shapes & forms
Guide bushings, clamps, half bearings,
wear plates, washers, guide plates etc.

Product Description

WF 750 is made of extra hard and durable bronze with built-in self-lubricating graphite plugs for maintenance-free operation. When it comes to high loads and small motions where lubrication is difficult to implement, this bearing is an excellent solution. The graphite plugs covers about 25-30% of the bearing surface and is positioned so that the entire bearing surface is always lubricated. WF sliding elements are available in many designs and can also be manufactured in other alloys to meet specific application needs.

WF 750 is maintenance-free but lubricating the sliding surfaces during assembly is
recommended for initial start-up period. Common lubricants such as greases or oils can be used. For optimal performance and longevity, it is important that mating surfaces are properly cleaned when assemblying.

Special manufacturing
All kinds of sliding elements can be offered or produced upon request.
Please contact us for further information.


Additional Information


#500-serie, BWG, BWG-F, COB-05, COB-050 t.o.m. -055, COB-056 t.o.m. -057, CSB 650-serie, JDB-serie