The most extreme slidebearing ever.

Our new slide bearing EX3M outperforms traditional slide bearings in terms of toughness by far. It can in many cases replace both needle and roller bearings. The bearing can withstand extreme loads and handle wet and dirty environments very well. It is not a coincidence that we call this bearing EX3M (extreme)

Distinguishing features include: Extreme loads, high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance and extremely low friction.

The mechanical properties for the EX3M bearing is simply in a league of it’s own.

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Our Chinese website is now ready

We are happy to announce that the website for Bronzebearingcompany is now also updated with a Chinese version.

New Website

Hello and welcome to our updated website for Bronze Bearing Company. We have created it for you as a user to have an easier and more effective way to learn about us and our products, We have also put focus on increased availability for computer systems to mobil devices. At the moment we are a currently working with the Chinese version of this website which will be launched soon.